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Immerse yourself in a realm of enchanting craftsmanship and unparalleled artistry as we invite you to explore our world of bespoke fantasy leather armour. I specialise in creating extraordinary pieces of armour that transcend the boundaries of LARP, cosplay, and medieval re-enactments.

Step into the shoes of legendary characters and bring your fantasies to life with this meticulously handcrafted leather armour. Every piece is born from my passion and expertise, blending traditional techniques with contemporary design to craft armour that not only exudes authenticity but also elevates your persona to new heights.





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Indulge in a seamless fusion of imagination and historical accuracy as you traverse through a diverse collection of fantasy leather armour. Whether you seek to portray a fierce elven warrior, a formidable knight of the realm, or an enigmatic sorceress, my bespoke creations will embrace and reflect the essence of your character.

I am dedicated to providing an immersive experience for every enthusiast, offering fully customisable options that ensure your armour is an extension of your dreams. My commitment to quality guarantees that you will not only look remarkable but also be well-protected during your daring adventures! Embark on a journey through the ages and celebrate the allure of fantasy leather armour.


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About my armour

Vegetable-tanned leather is a type of leather that is tanned using natural tannins derived from plant materials. It is one of the oldest and traditional methods of tanning, dating back thousands of years.

The process involves using tannins found in various parts of plants, such as tree bark, leaves, and fruits, to transform raw animal hides into durable and flexible leather.

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Learn to create leather armour

I run several ongoing courses and workshops, giving you the chance to learn how to make leather armour yourself, and create your own intricate patterns and leatherwork.

Find out more about my leatherwork courses here.


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