Leather armour designs

Aspects of crafting leather armour

Crafting leather armour involves several steps, each requiring skill and attention to detail. Each piece is different, and the process will vary based on the design and style of the armour. With my courses you can learn all the following aspects of leather armour design.


 Woman wearing fantasy styled leather armour for cosplay


Design and Pattern Making

The process begins with the creation of a design or pattern for the armour. This can be based on historical references, fantasy themes, or custom designs requested by customers.

Material Selection

High-quality leather is selected for the armour. Different types of leather may be used, such as vegetable-tanned leather or full-grain leather, depending on the desired characteristics of the armour.

Cutting the Leather

Using the design or pattern, the selected leather is carefully cut into the necessary pieces for the armour's components, such as chest plates, shoulder guards, and bracers.

Shaping and Moulding

The leather pieces are softened using water or heat and then shaped and moulded to fit the contours of the wearer's body. This step ensures that the armour will be comfortable and provide a good fit.

Tooling and Embossing

Some leather armour designs may feature intricate patterns or textures. Tooling and embossing techniques are used to add decorative elements to the armour's surface.



The individual pieces of the armour are joined together using various methods, such as stitching, riveting, or lacing, depending on the design and style of the armour.

Edge Finishing

The edges of the armour pieces are smoothed and finished to ensure a clean and polished appearance.

Straps and Buckles

Straps and buckles are added to the armour to allow for adjustability and ease of wearing.

Fittings and Adjustments

The armour is fitted to the wearer, and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure a proper fit and comfort.

Dyeing and Finishing

Some leather armour designs may be dyed to achieve a specific colour or finish. A protective finish may also be applied to enhance the armour's durability and appearance.

Quality Control

The completed leather armour is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets the desired quality standards before it is ready for sale or delivery to the customer.

Leather armour crafting is a labour-intensive process that requires a combination of traditional craftsmanship and artistic flair. It takes time, effort, and creativity to produce unique and functional pieces of leather armour.