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Handcrafted armour for re-enactments or live action role-play

Have you always dreamed of having your own bespoke leather armour? Are you involved in historical re-enactments or role-play? I am Philippa Davidson, and I am a specialist crafter of leather armour. With my help, you can have the armour of your dreams, with the patterns, sizing, and colouring you had in mind. Whichever costume you have in mind, I can create the custom leather armour to bring it all together.

Contact me via WhatsApp on 07889 892830, to book an appointment for measuring, or browse my online store, to find the leather items you need.

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A little about Philippa Davidson Leather

I have spent many years learning and improving at my craft, and offer leather crafting courses, as well as creating custom leather armour for a wide range of outfits. I also create accessories and other items of armour, such as helms, grieves, pauldrons, belts, and buckles.

You can also watch me work on TikTok, and on my Facebook and Instagram pages, where I showcase my technique and give instructional lessons on leathercraft.



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Fantasy viking larper in leather armour

LARP and cosplay armour

My leather craft is ideal for creating cosplay armour, for fantasy role-play scenarios, and Live Action Role Play. Whether you are a brave paladin or a renowned cleric, having well-crafted leather armour can really bring your character to life, and create a convincing, and inspiring effect.

With skilful finishing and colouring, you can also craft custom leather armour to take on the look of metal plate, with intricate detailing and patterning that adds a touch of class and authority to your outfit.

Historical re-enactment fighting with swords

Armour for historical re-enactments

Alongside beautiful and fanciful sets of armour, I also craft authentic and genuine leather armour pieces, as well as shields, and parts of armour, if you need to complete a set.

If you need to look the part for a historical re-enactment, or you need leather armour for film, television or the theatre, I can create the leatherwork you need. Contact me here to start a conversation about your armour requirements.

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 Knife with leather sheathe


Bespoke leather commissions

There are many options that I offer that helps you to create your perfect armour.

You can email or call me to describe your perfect armour outfit, as well as measurements and preferred styling considerations, and I will craft your custom leather armour from there. Whatever kind of leather armour you need, I can create the look and feel that you are looking for.

Alternatively have a browse through the online armour shop for inspiration, and to see some of my previous work

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Learn to craft leather armour

If you would like to craft your own armour, this is a great option. At Philippa Davidson Leather, You can learn how to create patterns, cut and dye leather to create the armour you had in mind.

Learning the craft is not a straightforward process of course, and I will guide you through all the tricks and pitfalls, to enable you to create your own custom leather armour.

Click here to learn more about our courses to learn leather craft.

Our Courses

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